Beautiful Names of ALLAH Mentioned in the Bible (Part 2)


Beautiful Names of ALLAH (Quran 20:8) “ALLAH-there is no God but He; His are the very best Names”.

  1. AR-RAHMAN “Say (O Muhammad (Peace be upon him) unto mankind): “Call upon ALLAH, or call upon RAHMAN: by whatever Name ye call upon Him, (it is the same): for to Him belong the Most Beautiful Names” Quran (17:110). ALLAH is the Most Beneficent and the Most Compassionate. EL-RAHMAN* “Our God is compassionate” Psalms (116:5).
  2. AR-RAHEEM “All praise is due to ALLAH, the Lord of the Worlds. The Beneficent, The Merciful” Quran (1:1-2). ALLAH, the Merciful also, said, “My Mercy has embraced all things” Quran (7:156). EL-RAHUWM* “God is Merciful” Psalms (86:15).

*According to Ben-Yehuda’s Dictionary another form of “Chet” (i.e. ch similar to Arabic Hey) is “H” in the same manner as “Machmad” can be read as “Mahamad” (Peace be upon him). Therefore, the variant form of Rachman or Rachum is Rahman and Rahum, providing evidence that a word written with “Chet” (i.e., ch) in Hebrew can have a variant form as “H”. As Neal Walters (admin of Hebrew resources (USA) and author of “At Home with Hebrew”) said, “The hardest thing is to transliterate a Hebrew sound that does not exist in the English language. Thus, what do we put in English for a “chet” or a “chaf”. Some people use “ch”, some use “kh”, some people use an H with a dot under it, some would use a capital “H”, where as a lower case “h” would be a HEI” (as similar to Arabic Hah).

  1. AR-RAB “All praise is due to ALLAH, the Lord of the worlds” Quran (1:1). “So the magicians were thrown down to prostration: they said, ‘We believe in the Lord of Aaron and Moses'” Quran (20:70). “Will ye slay a man (Moses) because he says, ‘My Lord is ALLAH? When he has indeed come to you with Clear (Signs) from your Lord?” Quran (40:28). ALLAH is the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds; He is the One True Lord of the worlds. RAB-ALAH (אלה -Aramaic) tr., as “the Great God (ALAH)” in Ezra (5:8) and Daniel (2:45).
  2. AL-MALIK “Supremely exalted is therefore ALLAH, the King, the Truth, and do not make haste with the Quran before its revelation is made complete to you and say: O my Lord! Increase me in knowledge”, Quran (20:114). He is the King with complete authority “Therefore exalted be ALLAH, The King, The Reality: there is no God but He, The Lord of the Throne of Honour!” Quran (23:116). MELEK “For God is the King of all the earth” Psalms (47:7), See also Isaiah (5:1) and (44:6).
  3. AL-QUDDOOS “Whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth declares the glory of ALLAH, -the King, the Holy One, the Mighty, the Wise” Quran (62:1). The Holy One, The Pure, The Glorious, The One Who is Pure from all imperfections & clear from children & adversaries. QADOWSH “Holy One” Psalms (71:22), Isaiah (40:25), (43:3), (48:17). This expression as “the Holy One” has been cited nearly 29 times in the Torah.
  4. AS-SALAM “He is ALLAH, than Whom there is no other god, the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One, the Source of Peace (and Safety)” Quran (59:23). SHALOM “Will give Peace to His people” Psalms (29:11).
  5. AL-MU’MIN “The Guardian of Faith” Quran (59:23). The Preserver of Faith, The One Who witnessed for Himself that there is no God but He. ‘EMUWNAH “Will pay each man for being right and good and faithful” 1 Samuel (26:23).
  6. AL-MUHAIMIN “The Preserver of Safety” Quran (59:23). The Guardian of all, The Safe-Guarder of all, The Saviour, The Protector, The One Who witnesses the sayings and deeds of His creatures. EL-MOWSHA`AH “God who saves” Psalms-68:20
  7. AL-AZEEZ "Ya Sin. By the Quran, full of Wisdom, Thou art indeed one of the Messengers (O Muhammad, Peace be upon him), On a Straight Way. It is a Revelation sent down by (Him), The Exalted in Might, Most Merciful" Quran (36:1-5). ALLAH, the One Who is Highly Exalted in Power.EZUWZ “Strength full” Psalms (78:4).
  8. AL-JABBAR “The Mighty” Quran (59:23). ALLAH – The Mighty, The Compeller, The Most Powerful, The Most Dominant, He is the ruler overall, He is the One that nothing happens in His Dominion except that what He Wills, He is Supremely Exalted in Might and able to enforce His Will. EL-GIBHOR “The mighty God” Isaiah (10:21).
  9. AL-MUTAKABBIR “The Superb, Glorified be ALLAH from all that they ascribe as partner (unto Him)” Quran (59:23). The Majestic, The Noble, The Glorious, The One Who is Supremely Great, The Possessor of all Rights, The Mighty, The One Who is clear from the attributes of His creation. ‘ABIYR “The Mighty God of Jacob” see in Genesis (49:24), Psalms (132:2), (132:5), Isaiah (1:24).
  10. AL-BARI’ “And when Moses said to his people: O my people! You have surely been unjust to yourselves by taking the calf (for a god), therefore turn to your Creator (penitently), so kill your people, that is best for you with your Creator: so He turned to you (Mercifully), for surely He is the Oft-returning (to Mercy), the Merciful” Quran (2:54). ALLAH is the Maker and the Creator of every thing whether may be hidden or manifest. BARA’ “The Creator” Genesis (1:1).
  11. AL-MUSAWWIR “He is ALLAH the Creator, the Maker, The Fashioner; His are the Most Excellent Names; whatever is in the heavens and the earth declares His glory; and He is the Mighty, the Wise” Quran (59:24). The Fashioner, The One Who forms His creatures in different forms and effecting deliverance in different fashion & ways. EL-MOSHAWAW’ “God of deliverances” Psl 68:20
  12. AL-GHAFFAR “And He is the Oft-Forgiving, Full of Loving-Kindness, Lord of the Throne of Glory” Quran (85:14-15). The Forgiver, The Pardoner, The One Who forgives without any stint. KAPHAR “Forgive your people” Deut (21:8).
  13. AL-QAHHAR “Which is more reasonable: belief in the existence of numerous divine lords, each of them different from the other, or the One ALLAH, Who holds absolute sway over all that exists?” Quran (12:39). The Subduer, The Dominant, The One Who possess Perfect Power over everything. KOAH “I have allowed you to remain, in order to show you My power” Exodus (9:16).
  14. AL-WAHHAAB “Our Lord! Let not our hearts deviate now after Thou hast guided us, but grant us mercy from Thine own Presence; for Thou art the Grantor of bounties without measure” Quran (3:8). The Bestower, The Grantor of bounties, The One Who loves His creation through His love and mercy, He bestows in plenty without any return, He is the Merciful His are everything that benefits. YA-WAHAB Give us help from trouble, Psl-108:12
  15. AR-RAZZAAQ The Sustainer of all-“It is ALLAH Who has made the earth a resting place for you and the sky a canopy, and has formed you and formed you so well and provided for you sustenance out of the good things of life. Such is ALLAH, your Sustainer: Blessed then is ALLAH, the Sustainer of all the worlds!” Quran (40:64). In Psalms: “One Who sustains me” (54:4).
  16. AL-FATTAAH “O our Sustainer! Lay open the Truth between us and our people – for You are the best of all to lay open the Truth!” Quran (7:89). The Opener, The Reliever, The Judge, The One Who opens for His slaves all closed doors of blessings. PATHAH “Open to me the gates of righteousness” Psalms (118:19).
  17. AL-‘ALEEM “Such is He Who knows all that is beyond the reach of a created being’s perception, as well as all that can be witnessed by a creature’s senses or mind; the Mighty, the Merciful” Quran (32:6). “For ALLAH hath full knowledge, and is acquainted with all things” Quran (4:35). The All- knowing, The One from Whom nothing is absent. “The God of Knowledge” 1 Samuel (2:3).
  18. AL-QAABID “ALLAH amplifies and straitens the means of subsistence for whom He pleases; and they rejoice in this world’s life, and this world’s life is nothing compared with the hereafter but a temporary enjoyment” Quran (13:26). “Do they not see that ALLAH makes ample provision for whom He pleases, or straitens? Most surely, there are signs in this for a people who believe” (30:37). KABAD “I have hardened his heart” Exodus- 10:1.
  1. AL-QABIL “He is the One that accepts repentance from His Servants and forgives sins: and He knows all that ye do” Quran (42:25). The One Who chooses whomever He wills for His blessings. QABAL The One Who chooses, mentioned in the 1 Chronicles (21:11).
  2. AT-TAYYIB “The Good” the Messenger of ALLAH (Peace and blessings be upon him) said, “Verily, ALLAH (Most High) is Tayyib (i.e., Good), and He accepts only that which is good.” YATAB “God was good” Exodus (1:20).
  3. AR-RAFEEQ “Verily, ALLAH is Rafeeq (i.e., the Healer), and likes kindness in all matters” said by the Messenger of ALLAH (Peace be upon him). RAPHEKA “Our Healer” Exodus (15:26).
  4. AL-MU’IZ “Behold! All honour belongs to ALLAH alone” Quran (4:139). The Giver of honours, The One Who gives esteem or shelter whom He wills. MA`OWZ “Thou art the God of my strength” Psalms (43:2).
  1. AL-MUJEEB “Say: Will ye worship, besides ALLAH, something which hath no power either to harm or benefit you? But ALLAH, – He it is that Heareth and Knoweth all things” Quran (5:76). “My Sustainer is ever near, responding to the call of whoever calls unto Him!” Quran (11:61). QASHEB “Hearken unto the voice of my cry, my King, and my God: for unto Thee will I pray” Psalms (5:2).
  2. AS-SAMEE’ “Lo! ALLAH is One Who heareth and knoweth all things” Quran (2:224). “Lo! Truly my Lord is He, the Hearer of Prayer!” Quran (14:39). `SHAMA “I have called upon Thee, for Thou wilt hear me, O God” Psalms (17:6).
  3. AL-BASEER “He (ALLAH) said: “Fear not: for I Am with you: I Hear and See (everything) [A’raa the Arabic pronoun used in this verse by ALLAH]” Quran (20:46). “He it is Who created you, but one of you is an unbeliever and another of you is a believer; and ALLAH sees what you do” Quran (64:2). “Have they not seen the birds above them expanding (their wings) and contracting (them)? What is it that withholds them save the Beneficent ALLAH? Surely He sees everything” Quran (67:19). EL-RA’AH “God who sees” Genesis (16:13).
  1. AL-HAKAM “ALLAH will judge between you on the Day of Judgment concerning the matters in which ye differ” Quran (22:69). “My Lord: Grant me wisdom, and join me with the good” Quran (26:83). The True and Only Judge, The Full of Wisdom, The Dispenser of Wisdom and Justice. HAKAM’ My Hakam’ tr., as My Wise, in 2 Samuel (14:20).
  2. AL-`ADL “Behold, ALLAH enjoins justice, and the doing of good, and generosity towards one’s fellows; and He forbids all that is shameful and all that runs counter to reason, as well as envy; and He exhorts you repeatedly so that you might bear all this in mind” Quran (16:90). The Just, The Doer of Right, The One Who dispenses justice and honesty. In 2 Thessalonians (1:6): “God is just”.
  3. AL-HANNAAN The Most Compassionate and Most Gracious in Mercy, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) used to supplicate ALLAH as: “O ALLAH! Verily, I ask of You, by the fact that to You belongs all Praise, there is no God except You, You alone and You have no partners, O Hannaan (the Compassionate and Gracious), O Badee’ (the Originator) of the heavens and the earth, O Dhal Jalali wal Ikram (Lord of Majesty, Bounty and Honour), O Hayy (the Everliving) and O Qayyum (the Self-subsisting): Indeed I ask of You Al- Jannah (the Garden of Paradise), and I seek refuge with You from An-Naar (the Hellfire).” HANAN “God is Gracious” Genesis (33:11).
  1. AS-SA’IQ “And We shall drive the sinners to Hell, like thirsty cattle driven down to water” Quran (19:86). “Surely ALLAH does not do injustice to the weight of an atom, and if it is a good deed He multiplies it and gives from Himself a great reward” Quran (4:40). SHALACH “He cast upon them the fierceness of His anger” Psalms (78:49).
  2. AL-`AMAAN “And when Abraham said: My Lord! Make this city secure, and save me and my sons from worshipping idols” Quran (14:35). “And We saved Moses and those with him, all of them” Quran (26:65). “So let them worship the Lord of this House, Who feeds them against hunger and gives them security against fear” Quran (106:3-4). The giver of complete safety, peace and security. EL-‘AMAN “A God you can depend upon. He keeps His covenant of loyal love” Deut (7:9) – MSG
  3. AS-SATTAAR The One Who covers faults, The Prophet of ALLAH, Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said, “Verily, ALLAH is Hayiyy (i.e., Modest), and Sattaar (i.e., the One Who covers faults), and He loves modesty and covering other’s faults.” CETHER “Thou art my hiding place; Thou shalt preserve me from trouble” Psalms (32:7).
  4. AL-HALEEM “A kind word and the veiling of another’s want is better than a charitable deed followed by hurt; and ALLAH is Self-Sufficient, Most Forbearing” Quran (2:263). The Forbearing, The Clement, The One Who Inclined to be lenient or Merciful and delays the punishment for those who deserve it with His love and mercy & then He might forgive them- Quran (2:225), (2:235), (17:44). HEMLAH “In His love and in His mercy He redeemed them” Isaiah (63:9).
  5. AL-`AZEEM “His is all that is in the heavens and all that is on earth; and Most Exalted, Tremendous is He” Quran (42:4). The Great One, The full of Might, The full of Strength, He alone is capable, The One deserving the attributes of Excellence, Glory and Purity from all sorts of imperfections. `OZEE “O my Strength” Psalms (59:17).
  1. AL-GHAFOOR “Lo! ALLAH is Forgiving, Merciful” Quran (2:173). “Say (O Muhammad (Peace be upon him) to My servants): O My Servants who have transgressed against their souls! Despair not of the Mercy of ALLAH. For ALLAH forgives all sins: for He is Oft Forgiving, Most Merciful” Quran (39:53). The Great Forgiver, The One Who forgives sins again and again. “God of forgiveness” Nehemiah (9:17).
  2. AL-`ALIYY “His knowledge extends over the heavens and the earth, and the preservation of them both tires Him not, and He is the Most High, the Supreme (in glory)” Quran (2:255). “(ALLAH) He is the Most High Most Great” Quran (34:23). EL-ELYON “Most High” Deut (26:19), Psl (78:35).
  3. AL-KABEER “That is because ALLAH, He is the True, and that whereon they call instead of Him, it is the false, and because ALLAH, He is the High, the Great” Quran (22:62). “The knower of the unseen and the seen, He is the Great, the Most High” Quran (13:9). The Most Great and Most High, The One Who is truly exalted in Might. EL-KABBEER’ “God is Mighty” Job (36:5).
  1. AL-MUQEET “ALLAH hath power over all things” Quran (4:85). The One Who exercises all universal power, The Guardian of all things, The Maintainer, The Sustainer with a Perfect Power. MAKHASEH’ “God is our safe place and our strength” Psalms (46:1).
  2. AL-HASEEB “Verily, ALLAH keeps count indeed of all things” Quran (4:86). The Reckoner, The One Who gives the satisfaction, The One Who makest account of His salves on the day of reckoning. HASHAB “Thou makest account of him!” Psalms (144:3).
  3. AL-QAREEB “When My servants ask thee (O Muhammad, Peace be upon him) concerning Me, I Am indeed close (to them): I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he calleth on Me: Let them also, with a will, Listen to My call, and believe in Me: That they may walk in the right way” Quran (2:186). “We verily created man and We know what his soul whispereth to him, and We are nearer to him than his jugular vein” Quran (50:16). Thus, He is ALLAH the One Who is ever near to His creatures and is ever responsive to their call. QAROWB “God so nigh unto them” Deut (4:7).
  1. AL-QADEEM It means that ALLAH is Eternal, i.e., He has neither beginning nor end. Nothing is eternal but ALLAH. The Messenger of ALLAH, Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) supplicates ALLAH as: “I take refuge with ALLAH, The Supreme and with His Noble Face, and His Eternal authority (Qadeem) from the accursed devil.” ALLAH is the Eternal, the Everliving, the True Sustainer and Nourisher of the worlds. QEDEEM “The Eternal God is thy refuge” Deut (33:27).
  2. AL-A’LAA “Glorify the name of thy Guardian- Lord Most High, Who hath created, and further, given order and proportion; Who hath ordained laws. And granted guidance; And Who bringeth out the (green and luscious) pasture, And then doth make it (but) swarthy stubble” Quran (87:1- 5). He is ALLAH the Exalted, the Holy, Who is High above from having any associate or partner. ‘ALAW “God: He is greatly exalted” Psalms (47:9).
  1. AL-ALLAAM "In the day when ALLAH gathereth together the Messengers, and saith: What was your response (from mankind)? They say: We have no knowledge. Lo! Thou, only Thou art the Knower of Things Hidden" Quran (5:109). ALLAH the Ever-living, Who knows every hidden and manifest thing. He is Eternal the knower of all things; His is the kingdom and rule from eternity.ALAM (Aramaic) “He is the living God (ALAH- ) and enduring forever, And His kingdom is one which will not be destroyed, And His dominion will be forever” Daniel (6:26).
  2. AS-SULTAN “ALLAH gives authority to His Apostles against whom He pleases, and ALLAH has power over all things” Quran (59:6). “O company of jinn and men, if ye have power to penetrate (all) regions of the heavens and the earth, then penetrate (them)! Ye will never penetrate them save with (Our) Authority” Quran (55:33). The Dominant, The One Who Controls all affairs, He is the One Who Possesses Authority and Dominion from eternity and there is none to share with Him and He gives authority whom He wills. SHOLTAN (Aramaic) “His dominion is from generation to generation” Daniel (4:3).
  3. AL-MUTAHHAR “Obey ALLAH and His Messenger (Muhammad, on whom be peace) ALLAH only desires to remove all impurity from you, O People of the House, and to purify you completely” Quran (33:33). The Purifier, He Who cleanses from idolatry, spiritual evils & impurity. TAHER “Cleanse me from my sin” Psalms (51:2).
  4. AL-MUZAKKAH “Do you not see those who claim to be purified? No, ALLAH purifies whoever He wills. They will not be wronged by so much as the smallest speck” Quran (Surah an-Nisa’, 4:49). ZAKAH “You are justified when You speak and clear when You judges” Psalms (51:4).
  5. AL-MUYASSIR “ALLAH desires ease for you; He does not desire difficulty for you” Quran (2:185). “ALLAH desires to make things lighter for you, for man was created weak” Quran (4:28). “Strive for ALLAH with the effort due to Him. He has selected you and has not placed any constraint upon you in religion – the religion of your forefather Abraham” Quran (22:78). “We will ease you to the easy way (O Muhammad, Peace be upon him)” Quran (87:8). He Who Makes His servant’s path easier in goodness; He Who places no unbearable burden on anyone of His creature. YASHAR “Make Your way straight before me” Psalms (5:8).
  6. AR-RAQEEB “O mankind! Reverence your Guardian-Lord, Who created you from a single person, created, of like nature, his mate, and from them twain scattered (like seeds) countless men and women; – reverence ALLAH, through Whom ye demand your mutual (rights), and (reverence) the wombs (That bore you): for ALLAH ever watches over you” Quran (4:1). The Watcher, the One Who Sees all, the One from Whom nothing is hidden. Thus, He alone is capable to grant good or harm from His knowledge to Whom He Wills. RACHAB In Psalms (119:32), “I will run the way of Thy commandments, when Thou shalt enlarge (sees) my heart” also in Psalms (4:1), “Thou hast enlarged (seen) me when I was in distress”.
  7. AS-SADIQ “And lo! We verily are Truthful (in Our ordinances)” Quran (6:146). The One Who is Right, The Bestower of truthfulness, The Truthful, The doer of justice, He is the One Who will judge His creation with righteousness; The One Who alone is the Master of the Day of Judgment. TSEDEQ “Thy righteousness is an everlasting” Psalms (119:142).
  8. AN-NASEER “He is your Protector – the Best to protect and the Best to help!” Quran (22:78). “Thus have We made for every Prophet an enemy among the sinners: but enough is thy Lord to guide and to help” Quran (25:31). The Helper, The Protector, The One Who is Best to Help, The True Helper Who bestows His mercy, help and protection. EL-NASAW’ “Thou wast a God that forgavest them” Psalms (99:8).
  9. AL-HAKEEM “Lo! As for thee (O Muhammad, Peace be upon him), thou verily receivest the Quran from the Wise, the Knowing ALLAH” Quran (27:6). The All-Wise Who bestows wisdom, The Judge of Judges; The Giver of intelligence, The One Who is Full of Wisdom and Knowledge. HAKKIYM’ (Aramaic) “He provides both intelligence and discernment” Daniel (2:21).
  10. AL-WADOOD “And He alone is truly forgiving, Full of Loving-Kindness” Quran (85:14). The Loving One, The One Who loves His believing slaves and with His love towards His slaves that He sent time after time the Prophets from Adam to Muhammad (Peace & blessings be upon them) to guide them on a right path-the path of Islam. YADEED’ “That Thy beloved may be delivered; save with Thy right hand, and hear me” Psalms (60:5), see also Deuteronomy (33:12).
  1. AL-MAJEED “For He is indeed worthy of all Praise, full of all Majesty” Quran (11:73). It is ALLAH to Him belongs all Praise and all Glory; He is the Excellent, the Superb & the Tremendous. MEGED “Excellence” Deut (33:13).
  2. AL-BAI`TH “And verily the Hour will come: there can be no doubt about it, or about (the fact) that ALLAH will raise up all who are in the graves” Quran (22:7). The Resurrector, the Raiser from death. It is ALLAH Who made the covenant with men and jinni that He will raise up all on the day of judgment and judge between them rightly. EL-BERITH “My covenant will I not break” Psalms (89:34). Absolute, The Exalted Who alone lives forever and ever. ALLAH is He on Whom all depend. `AD “God is forever and ever” Psalms (45:6).

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