Beautiful Names of ALLAH Mentioned in the Bible (Part 1)

by Dr. Syed Mohammed Mohiuddin Habeebi

The Semitic languages are considered as the richest languages of the world; they have a variety of commonalities with respect to phonetics, meanings, and grammar. In addition, one of its advantages is that the consonant written once can be pronounced twice when the consonant follows vowels. Among these languages, Arabic occupies the top position on the merits of its originality and communication power, even in the present age. The Aramaic and Hebrew languages have undergone many a linguistic mutations, whereas the Divine language of Arabic has lost neither its pronunciation nor its connotation on accounts of its versatility and adaptability.

ALLAH, the Name of One True God is written in Arabic, Aramaic and Hebrew and as אלה ܐܠܗ الله respectively. Here, we find that in Hebrew and Aramaic languages it uses only one “lam” for the name of One True God, because this one “lam” is pronounced twice. The reason for pronouncing consonants twice in Hebrew has been rightly explained by the Encyclopaedia of Wiki, as “A long consonant that follows a checked vowel would have two peaks of intensity, whereas other long consonants would have only one. Therefore, these double-peaked long consonants are called geminates.” Although the word may have double consonant pronunciation, it is written only once.

Since the ancient Hebrew did not use any vowel markings like ancient Arabic, the actual pronunciation of the sacred Name is simply misspelled. Thus, for that reason the Name of One True God in Arabic is written with Alif-lam-lam-ha as (الله), providing an evidence that ALLAH Himself protected its grandeur, viability and pronunciation forever to set aside any linguistic mutation, whatsoever, which may creep in by passage of time.

Evidently, we can cogently deduce from the above facts that the Messenger of ALLAH, Muhammad >(Peace be upon him) has rightly ordered to inscribe in his sacred seal, ALLAH ( الله ) by the usage of “lam” twice to educate us to follow the correct and authentic phonetic expression for the name of One True God- ALLAH (Mighty and Sublime be He).

ALLAH is presently pronounced in Hebrew as Eloh and Elah

“Judaism teaches that while God’s name exists in written form, it is too holy to be pronounced. The result has been that, over the last 2000 years, the correct pronunciation has been lost.” Subsequently, the Hebrew people lost the correct pronunciation of the Holy Name of God resulting in pronouncing ALLAH as ELOH or ELAH.

The Book of Moses and David (Peace be upon them) Torah and Psalms respectively uses the basic Proper Noun “אלה” ALAH for One True God, and if the consonant “lamed” is doubled then it could be rightly pronounced as ALLAH. All the Semitic languages like Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic allows the consonants to be doubled with a grammatical reasons. In Hebrew “Dagesh forte is a dot that can be placed in any letter, except for gutturals letter (Aleph, Chet, Ayin) and Resh, to show that the letter is doubled.” Therefore, evidently we can affirm that the consonant “lamed” can be doubled when used for the Holy Name of ALLAH.

Structural formation of Elohim

The Ancient form of the word ALAH+iym (or ELOH+iym) is written as ” אלה+ים” without using any vowel. However, later after the introduction of vowels in Hebrew, this word was added with a vowel “chataf segol and chirik” in the present OT which makes the present readers to pronounce it as Eloh-iym rather than ALAH-iym. To be noted ” אלה” – ALAH is the First Name for God given in the Tanakh.

See Genesis (1:1) without vowel signs if consonant lamed is doubled it can be read as Re’shiyth ‘ALLAH iym bara’ shamayimeh’-rets

This with vowels is read as Re’shiyth ‘Eloh-iymbara’ shamayimeh’-rets. However, in Arabic version you can even find Eloh- iym translated as ALLAH, because of the fact that structural formation of Elohim is from ALAH-iym.

Fee al-badi’ khalaqa Allahu as-Samaawaat wa al-ard: In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

It is worthy to note that the Torah has no vowels as the Hebrew alphabets do not have any. Hebrew speakers can read Hebrew without the dots. Hence, the entire Torah, Prophets and Writings, the Mishna and Talmud and all the classic commentaries were written without any vowels.

Hence, in times of Moses and David (Peace be upon them) Eloh+iym was written as” אלה+ים ” which could even be read as ALAH-iym or ALLAH-iym-ma if consonant “lamed” and “final meem” is doubled.

In Semitic, languages like in Arabic there are two types of pronouns.
(i) Personal pronouns written separately and
(ii) Pronominal suffix always attached to nouns, verbs and particles.

Thus, ALLAH-humma ” الله + هم ” in Arabic is a combination of Noun and pronominal suffix hm (i.e., ha-meem). This similar formula can also be considered for Eloh-iym as an amalgamation of Noun and pronoun, where “אלה” ELOH (ALAH) is a Noun and ” ים-“.iym is a pronominal suffix which is attached to the Noun as “the Hebrew Scriptures were originally written in the form of continuous strings of letters, with no breaks between the words”.

However, in Old Testament the Hebrew words ending with “iym” are sometimes used for the expression of majesty or excellence, expressing high dignity or greatness.

Here, אלה – ELOH (ALAH) is such a Majestic singular Noun that if we add it to “Yod-final Meem” or suffix “s” it will never be plural in the sense when it is followed by a singular verb where this is used to represent One True God even though this word may be plural in grammatical sense. Prof. C. L. Seow elucidates, “When ELOHIM is used as a proper name, or when referring to Israel’s God, it is treated as singular”.

Further, Ethelyn Simon confirmed this fact “When ELOHIM refers to the One True God, singular verbs and pronouns are used. When the One True God reaches out to include others in His activities, plural verbs and pronouns are used. These do not indicate any plurality of gods or that the true God is more than one. “When [ELOHIM] refers to the God of Israel it is always singular in concept, even though it has a masculine plural ending”.

The word for “O God” is ALLAH-humma in Arabic written with these Alphabets Alif-lam-lam-ha-meem (  الله + هم ). Such as in the Holy Quran “Jesus, son of Mary, said: O ALLAH (ALLAH-humma), Lord of us! Send down for us a table spread with food from heaven, that it may be a feast for us, for the first of us and for the last of us, and a sign from Thee. Give us sustenance, for Thou art the Best of Sustainers” (5:114). “Say (O Muhammad, Peace be upon him): O ALLAH! Creator of the heavens and the earth, Knower of the unseen and the seen! Thou (only) judgest between Thy servants as to that wherein they differ” (39:46). See also in Quran (3:26), (8:32), (10:10).

We find that in most of the OT verses, while translating Elohiym they have rightly considered two words as the combination of a Noun and pronominal suffix ” אלה+ים ” i.e. ALLAH-iymma (if consonant lamed and final meem is doubled).

In Psalms, on most of the occasions David (Peace be upon him) used ELOH+iym [or ALLAH-iym-ma if consonant “lamed” and “final meem” are doubled] while praying to God. Similarly Muslims all over the globe also say ALLAH-humma = O God while offering prayers.

See some of the following references where pronominal suffix ” ים” -iym of Elohiym (i.e. ALLAH- iymma if consonant lamed and final meem is doubled) was translated in Old Testament as “O God” in Psalms (4:1), (5:10), (27:9), (144:9). “O my God” in Psalms (3:7), (5:2), (7:1), (7:3) (22:2), (25:2), (94:22). “My God” in Isaiah (7:13), (25:1), (40:27). “The God” in Deut (5:26), “their God” in Isaiah (8:19). “Our God” in Deut (1:6). “Your God” in Deut (1:10). “Thy God” in Isaiah (7:11), Deut (1:21).

Table for conclusive functioning of Elohim

In addition, it is a theologically admitted reality that Elohiym (ALLAH-iym) is used to represent Only One True God, because “the language has entirely rejected the idea of the numerical plurality of Elohim (whenever it denotes the One God), is proved especially by its being almost invariably joined with a singular attribute.”

Thus, ” אלה+ ” ALLAH-iym in Hebrew does not mean any plurality in Divinity. As ALLAH the Almighty Himself declares in His last revelation that, “They surely disbelieve who say: ALLAH is one of three in a trinity; when there is no God save the One ALLAH, and if they desist not from what they say, a painful chastisement shall befall those among them who disbelieve” Holy Quran (5:73).

Other Attributes of ALLAH in Quran and OT

The Almighty ALLAH called Himself in His last revelation to humanity as Elahi and Elah, which was similarly mentioned in Hebrew script of Old Testament with the same basic form of letters using for God i.e., Alef-lamed-heh.

Elahi اله “Alef-lam-ha (with a vowel Kasra)” is cited in the Holy Quran where “our God” or “God of” is used in the context. As in the Holy Quran (114:1-3),

“Say (O Muhammad, Peace be upon him): I seek refuge in the Lord of Mankind, The King of Mankind, The God of Mankind (Elahinnas)”.

Similarly, we can find Elohei using אלהי “Alef- lamed-heh-yod” like in Exodus (3:15), “The God (Elohei) of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob”.

Elah اله “Alef-lam-ha” is cited in the Holy Quran where “your God” or “thy God” is used.

As in the Holy Quran (2:133), “Were ye witnesses when death appeared before Jacob? Behold, he said to his sons “What will ye worship after me?” They said: “We shall worship Thy God (Elahaka) and the God of thy fathers, of Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac, — the One (True) ALLAH. And unto Him we have surrendered”. Quran (2:163) “And your God is One God! There is no God but He; He is the Beneficent, the Merciful”.

Similarly, we may find Eloah “Alef-lamed-vav-heh” אלוה like in Nehemiah (9:17), “God of forgiveness, Gracious and compassionate”.

Structural formation and history of Yahweh

The four consonants Yod, Hey, Vav, and Hey יהוה according to the Jewish encyclopaedia, have various explanations of the meanings proposed to them. For example, (1) that it is derived from (“to fall”), and originally designated some sacred object, such as a stone, possibly an acrolith, which was believed to have fallen from heaven. (2) That it is derived from (“to blow”), a name for the god (denoted with small “g” which signifies false god) of wind and storm.” However, “this hypothesis is not intrinsically improbable, and in Aramaic, a language closely related to Hebrew, “to be” actually is hawa — but it should be noted that in adopting it, we admit using the name Hebrew in the historical sense, Yahweh is not a Hebrew name.” Encyclopaedia of Britannica 11, Ed Vol 15, p.321

According to Mankind’s Search for God, p.225 “the four Hebrew consonants YHWH (Yahweh) that in their Latinized form have come to be known over the centuries in English as Jehovah.”

Thus, we can articulate that Aramaic pronoun hawa “to be” and Hebrew Pronoun huw’ “he is” (e.g., in Jer 29:28, Isa 7:14 tr., as “he”) was superimposed with “yah that was identified with the Aramaic Thunder (false) god” giving the origin of a word Yhwh, the pagan name to be introduced in the Torah, Psalms and Gospel of Moses, David and Jesus (Peace be upon them) respectively [e.g., “World wide International version of Bible Yahweh tr., as Jehovah].

Whereas the fact is that, the tegragrammaton YHWH NEVER appeared in the original autograph of book of the Law at any time. These letters were forged and placed in the scrolls centuries later by Babylonian occult scribes. (Dr. Pastor Cohen G. Reckart, Yahweh is a pagan name

Originally, the four consonants yhwh were used by pagans and idolatrous people. We can trace this fact from the image of fortune wheel of pagan myths in which these four consonants are engraved in yhwh’s web page: https:/// – 2005.

As Dr. Pastor Cohen, a respected Christian theologist strappingly censures “What is a Yahwist? They are all (false) moon god worshipers! A Yahweh believer is any person who believes Yhwh (the Tetragrammaton name of Baal) pronounced Yahweh, is the name of God. Yahweh is a guess name and is NOT THE NAME OF THE TRUE GOD. Yahweh as it is spelled IS NOT A HEBREW NAME for God!” (Ibid: 16).

In addition, many theologians assert that the Yahwism cult is a mere “Yahwization” of pagan religions (i.e. what pagan religions attributed to their gods). [See: Brantley, 1993, 13:50]

However, in the present Hebrew text of OT, the readers may well notice that these consonants also came with a formula as ” יהוה- – ” ya-huwah Elohiym: Lord our God, ya-huwah Elohie: The Lord my God, Psalms (13:3). ya-huwah El Elyon: The Lord Most High God, Psalms (7:17). ya-huwah Shalom: The Lord of Peace, Judges (6:24). Because “huwah” is a pronoun predicted to be cited in OT to denote the noun but later its corruption we assumed, yielded with an addition of yod as ya+huwah to take the form of YHWH the pagan methodological name in the Holy Bible. Hence, we strongly uphold that one should not infer the unrevealed names for Almighty ALLAH like Jehovah or Yahweh, where as the Real Name of One True God is ALLAH (Glorified be He). “That is because ALLAH – He is the Reality; and those besides Him whom they invoke, they are but vain Falsehood: verily ALLAH is He, Most High, Most Great” Holy Quran (22:62).

ALLAH the name of One True God in the Torah and Psalms

The first commandment given to the children of Israel by the Almighty ALLAH is that: “You shall have no other gods besides Me. You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below” Exodus (20:3-4). The above explanation of verse no 3 reminds us the verses of the Holy Quran in which ALLAH says “And We gave Moses the Book and made it a guidance to the children of Israel, saying: Do not take a protector besides Me” (17:2). “Verily, I Am ALLAH. There is no God but I: So serve thou Me (only), and establish regular prayer for celebrating My praise” (20:14). This is the basic teaching of Islam, which denies all false gods and submits to the reality that there is only One True God- ALLAH (Mighty and Sublime be He). ALLAH, the Almighty also states in His last revelation Quran (2:40) “O Children of Israel! Remember My favour wherewith I favoured you, and fulfil your (part of the) covenant, I shall fulfil My (part of the) covenant, and fear Me”. In addition, reminds us the commandments that were given to the Children of Israel in Noble Quran. “And (remember) when We made a covenant with the Children of Israel, (saying): Worship none but ALLAH (only), and be good to parents and to kindred and to orphans and the needy, and speak kindly to mankind; and establish worship and pay the poor due. Then you turned back except a few of you and (now too) you turn aside” (2:83).

According to Mankind’s Search for God p.225, About 3,500 years ago, God spoke to Moses, saying: “Thus shall you speak to the Israelites: The LORD, the God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has sent me to you: This shall be My name forever, this My appellation for all eternity’ (Exodus 3:15; Psalms 135:13).”

However, the Hebrew-speaking people historically lost the exact pronunciation of “ALLAH” and by passage of time, they mispronounced and misspelled it and with the addition of “iym” which made it to read as Elohim, although Old Testament warned them “Do not use the name of the Lord your God in a false way. For the Lord will punish the one who uses His name in a false way” (20:7).

Therefore, the Holy Quran made it very clear: “The Most Beautiful Names belong to ALLAH: so call on Him by them; but shun such men who violate the sanctity of His Names: for what they do, they will soon be requited” (7:180).

All Praise and Glory belongs to One True God alone, Who has such an Excellent Name-ALLAH ( אלה ) that there exists no plural form for it in any language.

According to the Hebrew language, which was believed to be the language of Moses and David (Peace be upon them) in which Torah17 and Psalms18 were revealed, they uses “Alef-lamed-heh” as the fundamental alphabets for the proper Name of One True God spelled as ELOH or ELAH. On the other hand, if the consonant “lamed” is doubled then it could be well pronounced as ALLAH.

ALLAH the name of One True God in the Gospel

According to the Aramaic, text of Gospel the language of Jesus (Peace be upon him) in which Gospel was revealed, the proper Name of One True God is ܐܠܗ (Alef-lam-ha) presently pronounced as ALAH, but if the consonant “lam” is doubled like in Hebrew then it could be well pronounced as ALLAH.

Perceive the following verses of Gospel in Aramaic the original language of Jesus (Peace be upon him).

ܐܡܪ ܠܗ ܝܫܘܥ ܬܘܒ ܟܬܝܒ ܕܠܐ ܬܢܣܐ ܠܡܪܝܐ ܐܠܗܟ

: Jesus said to him, “On the other hand, it is written, you shall not put the Lord your God (ܐܠܗ -ALAH) to the test- Matthew (4:7).

ܗܝܕܝܢ ܐܡܪ ܠܗ ܝܫܘܥ ܙܠ ܠܟ ܣܛܢܐ ܟܬܝܒ ܓܝܪ ܕܠܡܪܝܐ ܐܠܗܟ ܬܣܓܘܕ ܘܠܗ ܒܠܚܘܕܘܗܝ ܬܦܠܘܚ
: Then Jesus said to him, “Go, Satan! For it is written, you shall worship the Lord your God (ܐܠܗ -ALAH), and SERVE HIM ONLY- Matthew (4:10).

ܘܥܢܐ ܝܫܘܥ ܘܐܡܪ ܠܗܘܢ ܬܗܘܐ ܒܟܘܢ ܗܝܡܢܘܬܐ ܕܐܠܗܐ
And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God ( ܐܠܗ-ALAH) – Mark (11:22).

ܡܛܠ ܕܠܐ ܥܛܠ ܠܐܠܗܐ ܡܕܡ

: For with God (ܐܠܗ -ALAH) nothing shall be impossible- Luke (1:37).

ܘܚܕܝܬ ܪܘܚܝ ܒܐܠܗܐ ܡܚܝܢܝ

rejoiced in God ( : And my spirit hath ܐܠܗ-ALAH) my Saviour- Luke (1:47).

ܐܠܘ ܠܐ ܡܢ ܐܠܗܐ ܗܘܐ ܗܢܐ ܠܐ ܡܫܟܚ ܗܘܐ ܗܕܐ ܠܡܥܒܕ 

: If this man were not of God (ܐܠܗ -ALAH), he could do nothing- John (9:33).

ܗܘ ܕܝܢ ܕܩܒܠ ܣܗܕܘܬܗ ܚܬܡ ܕܐܠܗܐ ܫܪܝܪܐ ܗܘ  

: God (ܐܠܗ -ALAH) is true. John (3:33)

ܐܡܪ ܠܗ ܝܫܘܥ ܩܕܡܝ ܡܢ ܟܠܗܘܢ ܦܘܩܕܢܐ ܫܡܥ ܝܣܪܝܠ ܡܪܝܐ ܐܠܗܢ ܡܪܝܐ ܚܕ ܗܘ

: And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God (ܐܠܗ -ALAH) is One Lord-Mark (12:29).

ALLAH the name of One True God in the Quran (last revelation of ALLAH to humanity) According to the Quran, 20 which was revealed in Arabic, the language of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), the proper Name of One True God الله
is (Alef-lam-lam-ha) read as ALLAH. Hence, The Eternal and Absolute Entity that calls upon us to believe in Him and believe in what He revealed: (Quran 2) 28 How disbelieve ye in ALLAH when ye were dead and He gave life to you! Then He will give you death, then life again, and then unto Him ye will return. 41 And believe in what I reveal (i.e. Quran), confirming the revelation which is with you (Torah, Psalms and Gospel), and be not the first to reject Faith therein, nor sell My Signs for a small price; and fear Me and Me alone. (Quran 112)
1 Say (O Muhammad, Peace be upon him): He is ALLAH, the One and Only;
2 ALLAH, the Eternal, Absolute;
3 He begetteth not, nor is He begotten;
4 And there is none comparable unto Him. Thus, the Proper Name of One True God according tobTorah, Psalms, Gospel and Quran is ALLAH. (Mighty and Sublime be He)

2 tanggapan untuk “Beautiful Names of ALLAH Mentioned in the Bible (Part 1)

  1. Jewsalready lost the word of God Elohim and is only Preserved in Arabic says Christian early scholars as well as Cyclopedia.
    Is there any doubt about Allah, the creator of heaven and earth? . ..(surah 14:10)
    ALLAH created heavens and earth in 6 days.-(Quran-10:3)
    Proof of evidence from Bible, Etymology ,ancient Hebrew root, Theology ,Lexicon , Early bible Commentaries, Biblical Cyclopedia ,Internatonal Standard of Bible Encyclopedia standard of Palestinian targum, Palestinian talmud etc. all these sources proves ALLAH is true word. Word of God Elohim is derived from name of Allah אלח in ancient hebrew lexicon Compressive etymological dictionary state that etmyos means “that which is true sense” is the only true word in Hebrew. Means truth can be found using etymology. So there is no God no elohim but Allah That is why we say There is no God but “Allah”.
    In the First Chapter of Bible , God finish the creation in 6 days. There is no other name when God finish his creation in 6 day. NO jesus no Yahweh but that the True word which is ALLAH.Word Yahweh is forgeries. And one can never find in New testament or jesus teaching as well Abraham did not know any God name Yahweh.neither he teach this God name but Allah.
    Say, “Have you considered that which you invoke besides Allah ? Show me what they have created of the earth; or did they have partnership in [creation of] the heavens? Bring me a scripture [revealed] before this or a [remaining] trace of knowledge, if you should be truthful.” – (Quran 46:4) See you not Allah created heaven and earth…(quran 14:19)


    1. Salam brother,
      This is a very important topic. In general I agree with you. And I’ve been talking about this topic since 2 years ago.
      I always think that the name YHVH is a forgery into the Jewish scriptures after the babilonian captivity, i.e after Ezra rebuilt the scriptures under pagan Persian authority (read book of Ezra 7). The earliest occurrence of word YHVH in an inscription is in Mesha stele 840-800 bc). And the the king of Persia also wrote the word YHVH in laschich letter. So it’s possible that Ezra adopted the word of YHVH, i.e the pagan god, to the scriptures he rebuilt of.
      Interestingly, in Ezra 7, the pagan king refered YHVH as the god of heaven. Whereas the Israelites usually refered YHVH as the god of Israel. Comparison between Israelites and the pagan king writings
      Whereas the pagan king said “the god of heaven” 👉

      Also in Ezra 1:1-4 :

      In the first year of Cyrus king of Persia, in order to fulfill the word of Yahweh spoken by Jeremiah, Yahweh moved the heart of Cyrus king of Persia to make a proclamation throughout his realm and also to put it in writing:

      “This is what Cyrus king of Persia says:

      The Lord, the God of heaven, has given me all the kingdoms of the earth, and he has charged me to build him a house at Jerusalem, which is in Judah…”

      Cyrus said “The Lord, the God of heaven” (translated from “YHVH, God of heaven”).
      Whereas Israelites prophet and writings usually wrote as “YHVH God of Israel” ex. Joshua 14:14, Luke 1:68, Pss. 41:13; 72:18; 106:48, 1 Kings 8:23, Joshua 22:24.

      And by the way, in Exodus 6:2-3 the “YHVH” was unknown to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

      Exodus 6:2-3 And God said to Moses, “I am the Lord. I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, as God Almighty, but by my name YHVH I did not make myself known to them.

      Of course, because His real name is Allah (Al-Baqarah:132).

      The name YHVH was firstly recorded in Marsha Stele written in Moabite language (Phoenician alphabet). Also in laschich letter the earliest occurrence of the name of the god in an inscription.

      These 2 of articles may interesting to read



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